Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!

Another week gone by. How can it be Halloween already next week? The end of the year is flyyyyying! We have lots of lovely things happening in the next few months. Family visits, races…and of course, my two favorite holidays. The weather has mellowed out and bit, too, and I’m happy with that! It’s cold in the mornings (upper 30s–tolerable), but still in the 80s in Sedona during the day! Now that I’m out running when it’s still pitch black out, I’ll take these temps for as long as we’ve got em!

I’ve had an odd ankle pain this week, that only occurs when I’m in my running shoes. I finally threw up the white flag this morning, bailed on my run, now I’m icing it. It doesn’t feel too alarming, so I’m hoping a few days off it will help it out. In an effort not to wallow, let’s check out what made me happy this week!

The return of Girl’s Night – Typically, my girlfriends and I try to get together once a week for dinner, to catch up and usually watch some trashy tv (The Bachelor and it’s various spin offs are our shows of choice). Between travel, work, and general adult life, it’s been almost a month since we’ve been able to get together. We got dinner Wednesday night and it was so lovely to sit together, eat, laugh and catch up.

Sunflowers – I bought these bad boys almost two weeks ago and they’re still going strong. They make me smile every time I’m in the kitchen.


Reading before bed – I recently picked up a new book (“The Plum Tree” by Ellie Marie Wiseman) and I’ve been enjoying laying in bed reading. I’m not too far into it and it seems like a pretty easy read, but it’s enjoyable so far.

New slippers – Small pleasures to welcome in the cold. These are so cozy and they make my feet so happy.


Reese’s pumpkins – Tis the season! We bought some Halloween decorations for our yard this past weekend and a bag of Reese’s pumpkins found their way into our cart. They have the absolute best chocolate to peanut butter ratio. I predict more will find their way home with me this weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Tell me, what has made you happy this week?


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