Training Log 10.13.14-10.19.14

Big happenings this past week! I finally registered for that Fiesta Bowl Half I’ve been talking about doing AND I registered for the Phoenix Marathon! I’ll talk more about my search for an ideal marathon and why I chose the Phx Marathon another day, but training for the full fits in nicely with training for the half. I still plan on racing the FB, but it’ll also serve as a good indicator of where my training is at, and how I should continue to train for the next month and a half before the marathon.

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s workouts!

Monday – 2 mile walk with Rudy + abs

Rudy and I had a bit of an incident on our walk this week. We were out walking on our favorite trail, minding our own business, when I saw up ahead of us another dude with his dog. Rudy was off leash, as was the other dog, so I decided we were close enough to our turn around point and we would head back in the other direction. We started walking back towards home, when the other dog comes barreling out of nowhere and proceeds to mount Rudy. I run over, get Rudy on his leash and begin getting the other dog (who was much larger than our 50lb Ru-dog), off of him. The dog’s owner is NOWHERE to be found, btw. I get Rudy behind me and continue to try warding off evil humping dog. This dog would not be thwarted. He was incredibly determined.

What seemed like ages of trying to protect my dog from unwanted mounting, the dog’s owner comes meandering down the trail. I call out to him to please call his dog, which he does, incredibly half-heartedly. Humping dog, unsurprisingly, does not listen. He is one-track minded at this point. The dude takes his sweet time getting to us and he grabs his dog and has him sit. He then stares blankly at me. I asked if he planned on leashing his dog and he goes “Nah. He’ll be cool now.” It was my turn to stare blankly.

I DESPISE people like this. Leash your humping dog for crying out loud.

Rudy and I stormed off after this and I called back to him to make sure he keeps his dog held up until we were out of sight and smell-zone.

Anyway, we made it home with no more incidents and Rudy does not seem any worse for wear.

Tuesday – 45 min NTC “Worth the Weight” workout

Oh boy. This exhausted me.

That is all.

Wednesday – Speed workout, 4.3 miles total

For week number 2 of speed work, I decided to head up to Buffalo Park. I didn’t need to be at work until 10:30 that morning, so I took advantage of the extra time.

How I love my mountains

Buffalo Park. It’s pretty.

The workout was: 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, with equal rest. So, after running the 200m, I rested for 200m, then ran 400m, rested for 400m and so on.

This was flat out exhausting. Splits were as follows

200m- 0:40

400m- 1:35

800m- 3:04

1600m- 7:09

My 400 was slower than what I ran last week, but I’m chalking that up to running on an incline for this particular 400 (ha). I’m happy with my 800m and 1600m. Those two were the hardest to maintain, but turned out a great time.

Thursday – 5 miles, 8:11avg

I set out to run five miles, but then I decided I wanted to change my route and I’d be cool with 4 miles. Turns out the loop I ran was 5 miles anyway,

Friday – 3 miles with Rudy, 8:31 avg

I knew I wanted to run a little easier on Friday, and I was crunched for time because more sleep sounded really great, so, I took Rudy with me. He stopped to pee…a LOT, so it probably would have been faster for me to run alone and come home and walk him per usual, but, oh well. It was fun having a buddy to run with that morning. And he only tried to rip my arm out of its socket by going after a squirrel once, so it was pretty successful.

Saturday – Rest

I meant to get up early and do a strength workout before work. That didn’t happen. I planned on doing it when I got home. That didn’t happen either. So, rest day!

Sunday – 8 miles, 8:05 avg

This was a classic case of thinking I’m in better shape then I actually am. I felt GREAT my first five miles. I felt strong, it was a beautiful day and I was on a new-to-me trail. My first five miles were all sub-8’s (7:38, 7:58, 7:52, 7:42, 7:51).

It was so great out. It later poured down rain, so this was super nice.

It was so great out. It later poured down rain on me as I was coming out of the grocery store.

My last three miles were not so great. I told myself to just run whatever pace I could to keep moving (8:19, 8:51, 8:34).

Real talk: I went out with the mindset that I was going to run 7-8 easy miles. Well, those first five just felt super! I wasn’t trying to run fast, I was just running and barely paying any attention to Mr. Garmin on my arm, BUT I should have known better. Instead, I was caught up in the “I just registered for another marathon so I should be able to fly this like easy peasy!” mindset. This was wrong. I have a LOT of work to do before 8 miles easy are sub-8’s. I know this. This was a good wake up call for me, and I’m glad it happened.

This has nothing to do with anything. It's from two weeks ago. But it's pretty, so, you're welcome.

This has nothing to do with anything. It’s from two weeks ago. But it’s pretty, so, you’re welcome.


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