Friday Favorites

favorites 10:17

Happy Friday! I had some great things make me happy this week.

New Shoes – Is there really anything better than a fresh pair of running shoes? I had to special order mine from our local running store and finally got to pick them up on Monday. They’re here. They’re bright pink. And I’m running on clouds again.

Tarte Cosmetics – I bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation about six months ago and I’m now a woman obsessed. I had been a Bare Minerals user for years, but this mineral foundation kicked it to the curb. Last weekend I purchased this mascara and my love affair continues. I haven’t met a Tart product I don’t liked. Plus, their packaging is adorable. Look at that lipstick!

Registering for the BMO Phoenix Marathon – It’s official! I have another marathon on the calendar. February 28, 2015, I’ll be running the Phoenix Marathon. Wednesday night on a whim I was looking at marathons in March and February, found the Phx Marathon, checked with Jeff, and signed right up. Here we go again!

Spending time with my soulmate – Sarah and I lived together for three years during college. After graduation we both moved around before she moved to Massachusetts to pursue her grad degree. She’s back in Arizona now and it’s SO nice to be able to meet up easily again. Last weekend we hit up the Phoenix Zoo and it was so fun.

Serial – I love Podcasts. I listen to them during my commute and on my long runs and it’s so much more engaging than music (to me). I recently stumbled upon this podcast, produced by “This American Life” and it’s FANTASTIC! It’s a single story, told in bits week by week. If you like podcasts and crime shows (I only watched the first season of “The Killing”, but it reminds me most of that), check this out. It’s addicting. And now that I’m all caught up, it’s driving me crazy having to wait weekly for the next installment.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

What’s something that you’re enjoying this week?


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