Training Log 10.6.14-10.12.14

Another Monday, another week of miles!

This week wasn’t as stellar as I was hoping it to be. My legs were tired for most of it (I’m partially blaming that on desperately needing a new pair of kicks and having to order them because they couldn’t be found ANYWHERE. I’m finally picking up my new pair today). But, I got the miles down, and got in a solid speed session, so it’s not all bad. My work schedule also shifted a bit–but that should stop and I should have a pretty regular schedule for the next few weeks, and plan to adequately take advantage of that!

Monday – 2.5 mile walk with Rudy + abs

Mondays are generally going to be my rest days. Since I have the day off work, I like to take Rudy for a long walk through the woods. We have a beautiful trail just up the street from us, and I let him roam off leash and chase squirrels. He begs for it all morning until we go. In fact, he is currently sitting by my side whining and anytime I get up, books it toward the kitchen door.



Anyway, after our walk, I did a quick ab workout while catching up on Thursday night TV.

Tuesday – 45 min NTC “Gladiator” workout

Yeesh. This workout was a reminder of how far my fitness has fallen! This is a GREAT workout…one of my defaults when I use the NTC app. It targets your arms, abs, legs…awesome strength workout!

Wednesday– 3.5 miles (8:17 avg) + 20 quality minutes with my foam roller

My alarm went off at 5:30am and as I rolled out of bed my first thought was “Holy hamstrings!” Those suckers were tiiiiiiiiiight. I stretched a bit, went and ran and could feel them the entire time. All day at work they were bothering me and when I had some time after dinner that evening, I spent some QT with my foam roller. Halfway through rolling, I realized…they weren’t overly tight (I mean, they WERE, but that’s not all…), they were sore. Hello. I did a workout the day before with specific exercises that targets the hamstrings. THAT is how long it’s been since my legs were really and truly sore. Duh. I kept rolling anyway, because it’s good for you, people.

Thursday – Speed session

The workout I did was short and sweet.

Mile Warmup

4x400m with 400m rest

Mile Cooldown

This was killer. I  haven’t done a speed session in a looooooong time. Even when I was training for the last marathon, I didn’t really do speed work. I started to, and then it ended up being “Ok, run this distance at this pace.” So, I am forcing myself to do weekly speed sessions. Splits ended up being pretty good though:

1- 1:29

2- 1:28

3- 1:27

4- 1:27

What surprised me most about this was how consistent they were. I’m typically all over the place with splits when I do speed workouts. I’m nice and quick at the beginning and then slow waaaaaay down by the end. This was a good re-introduction into it, and I’m feeling good about trying it out again.

Friday – 3.11 easy recovery (8:27 avg)

My legs were tired and sore on Friday. I took it easy and paid no attention to my watch beeping. I was just focused on running my loop and getting back home!


Saturday was a loooong day. I had to be at the gallery at 7:30am to receive a sculpture shipment and then be done in time to open the gallery at 9 (While almost gettting squished by a 16ft sculpture in the process). I was hoping getting there at 7:30 meant I’d be able to take off early and complete my strength workout when I got home around 4. False. We got slammed right when I was about to take off, and I was at work an hour later then I was hoping to be. Then, the traffic in the canyon was so bad coming home, it took me about 15 minutes longer then usual. Even so, when I finally made it home, I resisted all urges to completely collapse in a heap on the floor and forced myself to do a short and sweet strength workout.

I completed the 10 min arm workout and a 15 min ab workout from NTC. It wasn’t much, but after running around all day, lugging sculptures and poles, I figured it was solid enough.

I did this while watching Scandal. Obviously.

I did this while watching Scandal. Obviously.

Sunday – 5 miles (8:05 avg)

It was hard to get out of bed yesterday morning. I desperately wanted to skip  my run and sleep, but forced myself up and out! Jeff and I had plans to head down to Phoenix for the day, so I had to get up earlier then I wanted, and just ran quickly. I tried a new off-shoot of one of my favorite trails, and ended with 5 quick miles. I was originally planning for seven, but between the 10 extra minutes I laid in bed and then the time I took dragging my feet out the door, I just didn’t have the time.

It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new Portman pants anyway.

It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new Portman pants anyway.

I then got to spend the rest of the day wandering around the Phoenix Zoo with one of my best friends in the world.

If you're near the Phoenix Zoo, go! I was seriously impressed by how nice it was.

If you’re near the Phoenix Zoo, go! I was seriously impressed by how nice it is.

I hope you all have a stellar week of workouts!


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