Adapting to change

Runners are creatures of habit. We find a pair of shoes we like, we buy them over and over again. Find a pair of shorts that don’t ride up or chafe? Give it some time and you’ll have a pair in every color that’s offered. Fuel, hydration, routes….when something works for you, you stick with it.

I’ve been a Saturday morning long-runner since I’ve started doing long runs…there’s just something about starting off the weekend with a run. There’s a sense of accomplishment in knowing that while everyone else was sleeping in, or lounging around in pajamas drinking coffee, I was finishing up an 18 mile run.

A long run, an ice bath, and a pretty view....typical Saturday.

A long run, an ice bath, and a pretty view….typical Saturday.

From Instagram

When I accepted my new job, I knew that working Saturdays was a possibility. Last week, I got confirmation that my schedule was shifting to Tuesday-Saturday–just in time for a new training cycle to start. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. My weekly workouts will shift a day and I’ll become a Sunday long-runner instead of Saturday. There’s just something sad about knowing my Saturday long runs have come to an end.

Despite the shift, I’m really excited to begin another training cycle. The Fiesta Bowl Half-Marathon is December 14th, which gives me plenty of time to safely start upping my mileage. I’m currently somewhere between 10-15 miles per week…and I’d like to get up to about 30-35 before the race. Easily doable in the 12ish weeks I have before the race.

Thanks for the memories, Saturday. I’ll never forget our time together.


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